A child support agreement is a legal document that outlines the financial support that a non-custodial parent must provide to their child. It is important to have a child support agreement in place to ensure that the child`s needs are being met and that both parents are held accountable for their financial obligations.

One example of a child support agreement is as follows:

Parties Involved:

This child support agreement is between [Name of Custodial Parent] (hereafter referred to as “CP”) and [Name of Non-Custodial Parent] (hereafter referred to as “NCP”).

Child(ren) Covered:

This agreement covers the financial support of the following child(ren): [List the name(s) and birthdate(s) of each child].

Amount of Child Support:

NCP agrees to pay CP the sum of [Enter amount] per month in child support. This amount is based on [Insert the state`s child support guidelines, if applicable]. NCP agrees to make the payments by the [Enter day] of each month.

Health Insurance:

NCP agrees to provide health insurance for the child(ren) covered under this agreement. NCP shall maintain such coverage for as long as the child(ren) are eligible for coverage under NCP`s insurance plan at no additional cost to CP.

Uninsured Medical Expenses:

The parties agree to divide uninsured medical expenses for the child(ren) on a pro-rata basis, with each party paying their respective share. The party incurring the expense shall provide the other party with a copy of the invoice or bill, and the other party shall reimburse their share within [Enter days] of receiving the invoice or bill.


In the event that CP requires childcare for the child(ren) covered under this agreement, NCP shall contribute [Enter Amount] of the cost per month.


The parties agree that this agreement may be modified upon mutual agreement, and upon approval by a court of competent jurisdiction.


This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of [Enter State]. Any legal action arising from this agreement shall be heard in the courts of [Enter County].

This is just one example of a child support agreement, and it is important to note that the specific terms of the agreement may vary depending on the circumstances of the individuals involved. Additionally, it is highly recommended that individuals seek the advice of an attorney to ensure that their child support agreement complies with their state`s laws and guidelines.